Mini CoP digital event

In June 2021 CoP members met for a 3-day online discussion

On June 22-23-24, 2021 members of the Anglophone and Lusophone Community of Practice of Cash Transfer in Africa met online for a 3 day discussion on the theme “Learning from COVID-19. How COVID-19 Social Protection Shock Response Interventions Have Been Integrated into National Policies​”.
The online Mini-CoP was an opportunity to exchange knowledge and good practices among the CoP Members. It focused on different experiences about COVID-19 social protection shock response intervention and how they have been integrated into National policies. In addition, the meeting aimed to further strengthen the commitment and ownership of the CoP and continue discussions on the value added of the CoP for its member countries.
The CoP Steering Committee (SC), supported by the Facilitation Team, moderated the event which saw the participation of government representatives from more than 30 countries, including countries from the CoP Francophone group, and the presentation of programs and experiences from about 10 different countries.
The first day opened with the remarks from the Steering Committee members and continued with the engaging presentation of representatives from Brazil who shared the experience of Auxílio Emergencial, the Emergency Aid 2021 program in response to the Covid-19 challenge, and the presentation from Morocco on how national policies integrated COVID-19 social protection shock response interventions.
Participants took part in two simultaneous discussions: one led by Malawi on the COVID-19 Urban Cash Intervention (CUCI) and the other one led by Lesotho on the National Information for System for Social Assistance (NISSA).
On Day 2 the usual Innovation session took place where Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria and Zambia showcased how their programs are innovative in adapting their operations/administration to the context of COVID-19.
It followed a panel discussion with Rwanda and Sierra Leone on Financing COVID response and the official launch of the CoP digital platform
Day 3 saw the valuable contribution of Egypt that presented the country’s Social Protection Interventions during COVID-19 crisis and future plans​.
During the 3 days, participants had also the opportunity to chat and share experiences, lessons and knowledge  during specific networking sessions, in the best CoP events style.


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