Ghana takes a LEAP against Covid-19

The Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) is a cash transfer programme that helps extremely poor and vulnerable households.


 The Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) was first introduced by the Government of Ghana in 2008, to reduce poverty by smoothening consumption and promoting human capital development among extremely poor households in Ghana.​


In particular LEAP’s objectives are:

To improve basic household consumption and nutrition.

To increase access to health care services.

To increase basic school enrolment, attendance and retention. ​

To facilitate access to complementary services to improve welfare, livelihoods, and labour productivity.


In the wake of Covid-19, the conditions of the extremely poor and vulnerable segment of Ghana’s population have worsened, in particular those of the ​victims of witchcraft allegations who are in camps. These developments have affected the lives and livelihoods of these segments of the population.


Given the wide recognition that unconditional emergency cash transfers are one of the most effective social safety nets in times of crisis, LEAP provided a one-time payment to poor and vulnerable people who are not enrolled on Safety Net Programs, ensuring availability of data to better target the poor and vulnerable in times of emergencies​.


LEAP took an innovative approach combining 2 cycles payment with top up for T&T, soap and protective equipment, increasing mobilization allowance for District Social Welfare Officers (DSWOs)in order for them to buy Veronica buckets, soap, water and tissues for the paypoints The Certified Financial Planners also increased their volunteer allowance to enable them mobilize effectively​ and the awareness of COVID-19 safety protocols was increased by sharing standard messages with all DSWOs,CFPs and beneficiaries​.


As of May 2021, the Covid-19 Relief Payment Targeted 122,607​ individuals and was able to verify and pay 54,088 of them.


Photo by Virgyl Sowah on Unsplash


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